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Sewing For Your Pre-School

Use your fabrics, trims and resources and put them to good use.

Free up some of your storage space by using your own supplies and put them to good use instead of stuck in a cupboard.

  • Use the children’s ideas or your ideas,

  • Special orders for individual sizes and shapes.

  • Repairs, alterations makes items live longer.

  • Fabrics can be supplied by you or supplied by us.

  • Finished edges on fabrics make them last longer and look so much better.

  • Use children artwork to be made into special items

     and Save $

The ideas are endless, heres a few more....Add trims to cover worn parts and edges,Table throws, Elasticised table covers, Smocks, Dolls clothes, Special Treasure Bags, Storage Bags, Library Bags,Trolley Curtains, Cupboard curtains, Dolls house curtains, Dolls, Eyes Masks, Weighted eye masks, Weighted blankets, blankets, cushions, feely blankets, Lettering on items, Black and white finished cloths,  Labelled cloths, bedding, Doll's bed blankets, Dolls beds sheets, Banners, Special event banners, Buntings, Flags, Face washers, Loops added to face washers, towels, teatowels, Hanging curtains for artwork display, cubby curtains,  Lego floor bags(play on, pull drawstring to put into bag), Play on quilts, Define work area quilts, Background fabrics to place artwork on, eg. waves sewn on blue fabric to set up sea area, or a backdrop for art work, see through fabrics for cubby can be made to size, eg. table size, lower noise level blankets for tables or block areas, fabric strip curtains for sensory walk through, doorways to cubbies or relax corners, sensory cushions, Sensory books of fabrics, add trims to freshen old looking items.  And so many more.


1.Raw edges.

Raw edged fabrics will not last long as children pull at it, and washing will deteriorate it more.

2.Finished hems.

From rough edged, tatty looking to a professional neat repaired edges.

  • All types of fabrics wear better when the edges are finished neatly.

  • Different fabrics need different types of sewing.

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