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About Susan

Over the last 40 years I have worked in many different jobs including being a family home carer, kindergarten educator, Autism centre educator, early childhood relief staff, additional assistant, theatre child minder, costume designer, patternmaker and dressmaker (ladies and children’s clothing) and a sewing teacher. I have always loved challenging myself to learn new things and skills while also satisfying my creative needs. 


My interests are helping and caring for others, painting, drawing, reading, gardening, and rejuvenating old things to new again. My family and friends are the most important parts of my life.  


After 40 years of working in both the fashion, sewing and early education worlds, I am so thrilled to have found my calling with “Sewing for the kids”! Watching children smile, laugh, and learn is so heart-warming and I cannot wait to see the look of pride on each child's face as they learn to sew and create. 

Hi, my name is Susan and I love to care for and teach children. 


I am passionate about teaching children and opening their minds to new and adventurous things. 


I have sewn for most of my life. At primary school age I would help my mother mend and create garments. I then went on to study textiles through high school and later followed this up by completing a Diploma of Fashion (RMIT). After graduating, I worked professionally in the rag trade as well as running my own wedding dressmaking business including bridal wear. 


To this day, I still get a thrill out of making something for someone that they may really love or need. I love being kind and helping others and sewing is one way I can do this.  


After having my two children, I found myself in a new career as a Kindergarten educator. After having a career in the fashion trade, it was nice to find another world that could help fill the creative void while adapting my lifestyle to work around my children. It's amazing how much my two career paths have combined. 

Creativity, art, machine use, exploring new things and problem solving all go together. 

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