I can sew for you!

Use your own or new fabrics, trims  and resources and put them to good use. Free up some of your storage space by using your own supplies and put them to good use instead of stuck in a cupboard.

Or we can supply fabrics and trims if required.

Also a whole lot of advice here if you need it.



Learn about simple machines- gears, levers, pulleys, wedges and screws. 

Children see the inside of sewing machines working, and discuss other machines.

Teach children recycle, remake, reuse and sustainability with sewing.

Each child can help sew a small item to take home.

OR Costumes for a day

Lots of creative photo opportunities as the laughter starts in costumes.

Teach children imagination.

Backdrops included which the children can help make and make choices about.


Vary your dress-ups depending on your children’s interests. Provide exciting and varied costumes in good condition.