About Sewing For The Kids


Let the children help sewing a simple class project.

The children help can use the sewing machine with make and decorate something for their kinder.

Banners, bean bags, baby blankets.

SEWING REQUIREMENTS (away from kinder)

Use fabric that is stuffed into your overfull cupboards for the children.

Have it sewn to your own requirements. 

We can sew for you. As sewing becomes a rarer skill and fewer parents have time to help Sewing for the Kids will provide all your sewing needs: whether it be decorations or alterations, children’s art work completed into your ideas, or basic needs like as trolley curtains, smocks and table covers.




Never store clean, supply or mend your own dress ups again.

A one off special group for dressups for a special interest or monthly change overs.

Supply your children with premade dress-ups made with lovely, practical fabrics to vary the program further. Dress-ups have been made in sets to extend interest and curiosity in subjects in colourful fabrics and trims and reality. Costumes for hire are made especially for the kinder aged children with fabrics, textures and dressing skills all at their learning levels. Most costumes are made with zips, press-studs and buttons that are easy for the children to practice basic dressing skills.




Add the full fabric experience with Sewing for the Kids coming to the classroom with wonderful ideas in fabrics and textiles to allow the children to put on their own show in costume in front of a backdrop. Learn about the theatre and behind the scenes practical skills that all help to put the show together. Acting is one part of the show but there is also, set builders, prop providers, dressers, costume teams. A fun experience that gives all the children a chance to dress-up.

Sewing for the Kids

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