Washable Fabric Masks made to order.

3 layered masks;  

  • 2 cotton layers and filter in between.

  • Bead attached to ear elastic to adjust length

  • Coated wiring in upper edge to shape to nose

  • Many choices of plain, prints and children fabrics available.

 Standard Adults Size

  • The most preferred style of most customers.​

  • $10 plus postage

Kids size

  • Young kids size, approx 2yrs to 6

  • Kids size 7-10years, if needed. Some children this age can wear an adult size mask

  • It is recommended a child under 2yrs not to wear a mask, for choking reasons.

  • $10 plus postage


Glasses style

  • A higher shaped style to try and fit with glasses to try and stop some glasses fog.

  • $14 plus postage

The fabrics shown are examples only, please ask for examples. Contact Susan : susanchdela@gmail.com